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JANE A HERRON certified leadership coach

Jane A Herron

first woman chosen as 

Certified Leadership Coach + National Trainer for Covey


7-Habits of Highly Effective People 
is the most highly requested 

'in-demand" Leadership training 
on the planet.  Jane trained this 
Dr. Covey's 3-day Executive Retreat across the country for 6-years.  


A revolutionary guide to productivity ... instead of focusing on time & things,

First Things First 
focuses on results & relationships. 
Do you need a 'productivity coach' 
for your team?


Principle-Centered Leadership 
is based on the reality 
that we cannot violate 
the natural laws of success 
without punishment.

Is it your time to FLY? Join us this YEAR! 

What's included in my 

Chart Your Course Year to Clear Membership?

A Year to Clear-A Year of Coaching

with Certified Leadership Coach Jane Herron


at any of the


on this page

2. We package your digital goodies & send them to you via eMail monthly

3. In 30 days APPLY the LEADERSHIP LESSON delivered!

What Works?

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A 50 page Mastermind Journal that helps you magnify what you are manifesting.

A Quarterly-Monthly-Weekly-Daily   Productivity Planner that allows you to Chart Your Course by SCHEDULING YOUR SUCCESS into your planner which gets you ON-COURSE & then at the end of the week, month, and quarter, you have place to review your progress, revise your plan, self-correct your mindset, skillset + obstacles ... so that you can STAY ON-COURSE.

Your Year to Clear starts when you do. The Productivity Planner is not printed, not dated. You print it + You date it. 

We are giving you 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 new days of unclaimed, uncharted territory! Additionally, your planner has room for journal ideas, tax records, meeting + special project notes. 

We will send your Mp3 or Mp4 Monthly Training once a month, and if special handouts coordinate with this lesson, they will come in your in-box with your digital recording that can be listened to on most any digital device.

To Raise Praise You, you'll be invited to join our private Facebook Group. Here you will have access to Jane, and women who are ready to give you a HAND UP when you need it most. And YOU will be able to pay it forward once you are ON COURSE.

Lastly, once a month you will be notified by email + in the FB Group of a FREE open ZOOM COACHING session for Q+A, current issues in your life, current affairs and current leadership issues.

And Please DON'T keep us a SECRET. 

Because of COVID, the entire program price has been cut in HALF, so please tell your team, your co-workers and women you know who want a certified leadership professional, a female with 30+ years of seminar leading experience to read this page!!  For a short time, for under $50/month, MIRACLES will happen.

Chart Your Course Handout

Jane A. Herron ★ 

Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker + Member of National Speakers Association

Jane has been presenting full day Leadership, Communications, Sales & Success Seminars for the TOP Training & Development companies for over 30+ years!

  • Covey Leadership Center
  • National Seminars
  • SkillPath Seminars
  • Career Track Seminars
  • American Management Association
  • CPA Education Foundation
  • Professional Education Institute
  • Stock Market Institute of Learning
  • Keller Williams - Productivity Coach for New Agent 

Jane lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco & Seattle working for four major 
Fortune 500 Companies in manufacturing sales:


WHEN YOU CHOOSE JANE as your Leadership Coach, you will be working with a workhorse who has her MASTERS in NLP: Neuro-Linguistics Programming  & all of her Ph.D. requirements fulfilled in POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. (but no dissertation defended)

Professional Development at its BEST

  The 12-TOPIC Titles sent to you over the next 12 months:

  • Your Leadership Style - Your Leadership Voice - Your Leadership MAP
  • Your M.A.P. = Your Motivation (why) Your Action (what) Your Purpose (how)
  • Your Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Time Management - Productivity + Navigation Skills that will put you on COURSE
  • Bulls-Eye Manifesting - Goal Setting - making the MARK
  • Story Selling + Persuasion 
  • The Psychology of Sales - your Blueprint to Success every time
  • Dynamic Public Speaking - using your Mouth to MOVE the Masses towards YOU
  • Negotiation Skills - Dealing with Difficult People - Managing Assertively 
  • Look at your Styles of Communications: Passive - Aggressive - Assertive 
  • Communicating with Tact - Delegation Skills - How to give Feedback Effectively
  • Your Executive Image: Dressing for instant success & Chairing successful meetings
  • WATCH how your personal Course Charting Skills Communication Skills take a giant step forward . . . Powerful things will happen in your Year to Clear

A Year to Clear with a seasoned TRAINER

  Chart Your Course Leadership Membership for Women 

  • Raising & Praising YOU each month with an [Mp3 or Mp4] 
  • Supporting you in a private [FB Group] + [Handouts to match your lectures]

  • Your Daily Habits create productivity or mediocrity ... the TOOLS will create your heart's desires and then they will chart your progress. Each month you will be reconnected to your Heart's desire and put back ON COURSE with your PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS 

  • Jane's delivers sequential training's into your IN BOX each month for 12 months. 
  • Jane has been a professional speaker for 33+ years and she promises to keep you ON COURSE + MOTIVATED by quoting some of her favorite authors: 

Louise Hay - Brené Brown - Earnie Larsen - Stephen R. Covey - Jack Canfield - Oprah - Dr. Phil - Wayne Dyer - Harriet Lerner - Martha Beck - Abraham Hicks - Edwene Gaines - Terry Gorski - Rhonda Britton - Florence Scovel Shinn - Napoleon Hill - Terry Cole Whittaker - Émile Coué - Marianne Williamson - Jim Rohn - Lynn Grabhorn 

HOW IT WORKS-what we believe in:

Step 1 Sequential Spaced Learning 

We believe the best way you learn is to receive then apply, so lesson one is foundational to number two. Sadly when you try to get it all at one time, impatiently you might try to jump ahead. The Universe penalizes you for jumping ahead and sends you back to START (which is where you are now). 

Jane has designed a Self-Paced Leadership Coaching Program for Women: Chart Your Course Leadership Membership 

A [Mp3 or Mp4] module will be sent to your IN box 'once a month for 12 months'. You take that module, you learn it to the fullest for 30 days and before you know it ... the next module arrives. 

Each module is built on the previous ... and so on ... and so on.

Step 2 Progressively More Difficult

The MasterClass-Membership™ takes 12 full months, because OLD Habits die HARD, therefore, you will feel this course is progressively more difficult "if" you have had a lamp shade on your head dimming your LIGHT for way too long

Building your wing strength and getting you out of your cocoon is a choice and YOU knows what most people do when things get difficult, right? (1) they quit or (2) they begin to major in the minors so they look busy, but they never get things done. They stay in their comfort zone, never shining their LIGHT. 

Calculated risk taking, dealing with rejection, self-esteem, fear, dealing your time - energy - money will be addressed.

Step 3 Progressively More Empowering

In one year, you will go from stumbling blocks to stepping stones ... from grief to gratitude ... however, in a very short time, you will discover ... things are getting very exciting because your clarity will create your abundance. Month by month, you will feel the PULSE of your personal power & passion.

Jane is Covey Certified to Train & to Coach




The Chart Your Course Leadership Membership will increase your productivity, empower your communications and will prepare you to lead with confidence and assurance.

AND by comparison to many other female coaches out there, with Jane Herron you are getting a Seasoned Speaker as your Success Trainer On Retainer.


the price of this program to others 

who are charging $2500 - $5000 

for 8 to 10 weeks of coaching.

Jane is charging $997 for her 

Year to Clear 

That's 52 weeks of coaching 

a with woman who has delivered over 2000 seminars to Students of Success 

in all 50 U.S. States, 10 Countries, 

and one Cruise Line!

If you use the CODE [year to clear], 

Jane will give you an additional 50% off to GET IT ALL for only $497

The MEMBERSHIP will re-OPEN on JAN 22, 2022

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